Jimmy Travis for Sheriff

30 Years of Protecting, Serving, and Leading in Tangipahoa

Vote #75 on Oct 14, 2023

Jimmy Travis standing confidently in suit and tie.

Over 30 Years of

Law Enforcement Experience

With more than three decades of local law enforcement experience, Jimmy Travis brings a plan that will impact Tangipahoa Parish from Day 1. He has his eye on officer retention, improved response time and department accountability to the community ... and he wants the leadership responsibility that accompanies all of these efforts.

His experience generating revenue for the Sheriff’s Office and turning those funds into equipment for deputies will benefit our community for years to come. He has acquired grant funding and donations that outfitted deputies, as well as secured a patrol boat for water rescue and other law enforcement initiatives.

Over 30 years spent building

Department & Community Relationships

With a passion for rolling up his sleeves and touching every corner of our parish, Jimmy is the only candidate who knows how to get things done and can build on his own experience within our community. He realizes Tangipahoa Parish is a destination for those seeking a safe and beautiful place to raise their families, and he wants to keep it that way. 

Jimmy’s heart is devoted to Tangipahoa Parish, where he has spent decades fighting crime and improving safety for you and your families. As Sheriff, he will continue his dedication by providing cutting-edge equipment, fair deputy compensation, and advanced training. Specialized mental health training will be a priority, emphasizing de-escalation and connecting individuals to vital resources. Creating a School Safety Division is also on his agenda to ensure a safe environment for our children. Together, we can have the law enforcement agency our parish deserves.

Don't forget to vote #75 on October 14th.

Jimmy Travis with a serious expression, leaning on a truck while police lights flash.
Jimmy Travis in his officer's uniform.


Jimmy has seen firsthand the changes our parish has experienced in the last 30 years. He has been on the front lines of local disaster response operations, helped with efforts to locate missing loved ones and joined us at our best as we help each other heal from tragedies.


“As people see what we have to offer here, they want to come be part of our community, and that means we need more deputies to protect our citizens. We also need better response time. Minutes seem like hours in emergencies, and I want to get to our citizens fast.”


Jimmy's goal is to put no restrictions on helping the community. Officers will be empowered to make compassionate decisions  and offer their time and talent for community needs. As a member of emergency and natural disaster response teams, Jimmy has seen desperation from every pocket of the community. When these events have leveled all ages and economic backgrounds, he has been with fellow deputies handing out supplies, rescuing the stranded and rebuilding hope. 

Join Jimmy Travis and his Vision for a Secure Tomorrow!

Empowering Our Community

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